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polymer modifier compounds

modifier compounds


SOLTEX provides a range of polymer modifiers which have been designed with the most intricate chemical processes following the most stringent compounding processes to produce the most sophisticated polymer modifiers.



  • modifier compounds Functionalities such as improvement in flexural modulus as well as enhanced impact properties which are coupled with improved surface finishes for products with the help of nano technology.
  • modifier compounds Compatible with a wide range of polymer matrix
  • modifier compounds Specialized products have been designed to enhance UV properties for products while adhering to FDA norms.
  • modifier compounds SOLTEX Polymer modifiers are designed so as to provide the best price performance ratio.

process applications

masterbatch for raffia


masterbatch for extrusion coating

extrusion coating

masterbatch for films


masterbatch for bopp


masterbatch for injection molding

Injection Molding

masterbatch for blow molding

Blow Molding

masterbatch for non-wovens


masterbatch for multi-filaments


masterbatch for thermo-forming


masterbatch for pipes