Green House made from Films of Soltex Petro Masterbatch

product - Masterbatch


Soltex successfully offers a wide range of masterbatches which are produced with the highest levels of precesion. At Soltex we believe in catering to one hundred percent customer satisfaction by constantly engaging ourselves with our customers and suppliers. Our engineers constantly focus on product development of masterbatches and solutions for a gamut of plastic processing applications.


Types of Masterbatch

white masterbatch

White Masterbatch

Maximum whiteness index, high degree of dispersion and opacity.

black masterbatch

Black Masterbatch

Highest levels of dispersion and carbon black loading levels

filler masterbatch

Filler Masterbatch

Providing both opaque and translucent solutions for various applications.

modifier compounds

Modifier Compounds

Designed to produce the most sophisticated polymer modifiers.

uv masterbatch

UV Masterbatch

Highest levels of consistency catering to a wide range of applications

color masterbatch

Color Masterbatch

We maintain a wide data base of color shades to meet instant customer requirements.

additive masterbatch

Additive Masterbatch

Our additive masterbatches with the highest levels of consistency cater to a wide range of applications and functionalities.